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Contest Checkup

Coaching-Based Writer’s Coverage

About the Contest Checkup

Get professional writer-oriented coverage geared toward helping you improve your writing and storytelling skills. I will tailor my notes to the needs of your specific genre and goals for the script.

The main focus of my coverage is to help you find the strengths of your story and how to convey that to any type of reader, whether for a contest, manager, or producer.

For a Contest Checkup, I focus mainly on each contest’s judging criteria, including Concept, Characters, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Execution. For a more general Screenplay Checkup, I focus more on marketability. If you need both, just let me know.

I will give you the top tips for making sure your script excels in every area. I can help you offer something memorable enough to stand out in an exciting way. My notes will touch on both the art and craft of screenwriting and provide you with helpful resources for any skill level.

My goal is to be as honest, but as constructive and helpful as possible–in a way that inspires you to up your game. Every script can be better in some way. If you’re not where you need to be with your script yet, don’t worry. You can get there!

Message me below to discuss any specific needs or concerns you have regarding your script. All scripts and notes are kept strictly confidential.